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Unlocking more active lifestyle with Joggo

Joggo is a fitness and nutrition coaching application designed for runners at all levels, whether they’re looking to enhance their current running journey or embark on a new one. Training with Joggo can help users reduce the risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular issues.

Joggo provides personalized running schedules tailored to your current expertise and goals. It also offers nutrition guidance and in-app meal plans. It’s an ideal choice for individuals dealing with excess weight, aspiring runners, and those in search of an effective weight-loss strategy.

What sets Joggo apart

Personalized training programs

Created by elite trainers and tailored to your personal needs.

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Weight loss tracker

Control your weight and reach goals faster.

Personalized meal plans

Tailored to your eating habits, allergies, and health status.

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Audio guidance

Guiding you from the warm-up all the way to the run.

Educational content

Science-based daily tips to avoid common mistakes.

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Joggo impact

Percentage 30

App retention rate

The application has over 100,000 active users.

Percentage 85

Of users see results in 4 weeks

85% of Joggo users lose 3+ kg when consistently following the program for 4 weeks.

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Users manage to reduce systolic blood pressure

Approximately 30% of individuals, utilizing Joggo-like aerobic training, achieve a systolic blood pressure reduction of ≥10 mmHg for up to a year.

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