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Revolutionizing mental wellness with Sensa

Sensa is an all-inclusive mental health and well-being application. With seven specialized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) programs meticulously designed in collaboration with expert therapists, Sensa empowers users to enhance their cognitive processes and take charge of their mental well-being.

Sensa provides support to those dealing with negative feelings related to chronic diagnoses. It also aids in regulating hypertension, addressing coping mechanisms associated with obesity, and alleviating stress-induced respiratory issues.

What sets Sensa apart

Personalized health programs

Take a quiz and receive a personalized plan to enhance your well-being.

Sensa app health programs
Sensa app habit building strategies

Habit-building strategies

Enhance your quality of life by incorporating positive reinforcement into your daily routine.

Weekly assessments

Monitor how your mood evolves over time.

Sensa app mood journal
Sensa app educational content

Educational content

Access daily articles and tips from certified experts.

Daily tasks

Engage in practical 10–30-minute activities aimed at cultivating healthy, lifelong changes.

Sensa app daily tasks

Sensa impact

Percentage 40

App retention rate

The application has over 20,000 active users.

Percentage 20

Improved mood

In just one month, a significant 60% of Sensa users report a remarkable 20% enhancement in mood.

Number 2.6x

Bigger likelihood to reduce DASS-21 scores

Sensa effectively reduces DASS-21 subdomain scores related to anxiety when utilizing its anxiety program.

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