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Diabetes management

An all-encompassing prediabetes and diabetes management solution

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Enhancing prediabetes and diabetes management with Klinio

Klinio is an all-in-one app that seamlessly integrates with various glucometers, offering a clear picture of the user’s glycemic journey.

Klinio is a go-to solution for managing diabetes type 1 or 2, elevated HbA1c levels, genetic predisposition, obesity, age-related complications, hypertension, high triglycerides, cardiovascular issues, or unhealthy lifestyle habits. Our HbA1c testing kits enable quick and discreet prediabetes detection at home.

What sets Klinio apart

Personalized meal and exercise plans

Tailored to correspond to individual needs and preferences.

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All-in-one data tracker

Tracking diabetes metrics and progress in one place.

Shopping lists

For more convenient grocery shopping.

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Daily guidance

Facilitating the personal journey towards optimal health.

In-app goals

Helping establish healthy long-term habits.

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Klinio impact

Percentage 25

App retention rate

The application has over 200k active users.

Percentage 60

Reduced their HbA1c levels

Users achieved a reduction in their HbA1c levels, with a decrease of up to 7%.

Percentage 42

Reduction in risk of developing diabetes

Solutions like Klinio, which combine meal and exercise plans, help reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 42%.

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