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Enhancing cardiovascular outcomes with Cardi Health

Cardi Health is a cardiovascular management application, which swiftly and precisely addresses fluctuations in user’s heart health. It provides real-time insights, generates comprehensive physician reports, and provides personalized care plans for various heart conditions, placing particular emphasis on issues such as hypertension, high cholesterol levels and heart rate, and various other cardiovascular conditions.

The app provides innovative features, including AHA-based care plans personalized by Cardi Health, blood pressure and heart rate monitoring, and medication tracker. 

What sets Cardi Health apart

Personalized meal and exercise plans

Manage your lifestyle and stay on track with your health.

Cardi app meal plans
Cardi app blood pressure management

Blood pressure management

Keep tabs on your heart health status in real-time.

Health reports offering specialist insights into condition

Share health reports with your physicians or caregivers with just a few taps.

Cardi app health reports
Cardi app heart condition plans

Personalized heart condition plans

Get guidance on how to stabilize your health more efficiently.

Cardi Health BPM integration

Connect your Cardi Health BPM to have all the results in one place.

Cardi app bm integration

Cardi Health results

Percentage 60

App retention rate

The application has over 25k active users.

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Bigger likelihood to decrease systolic pressure

Users are two times more likely to notice a decrease in systolic blood pressure of 5 mmHg or more within 4 weeks.

Percentage 82

Improved medication adherence

Based on systematic study reviews and meta-analysis, mobile apps improve medication adherence up to 82%.

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