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An innovative vagus nerve stimulation solution

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Elevating nerve health with Pulsetto

Pulsetto is an application designed to harness the power of vagus nerve stimulation through precise electrical current modulation.

It offers rapid relief from a range of common challenges, including anxiety, inflammation, migraines, chronic pain, and sleep disturbances. By targeting the vagus nerve, the body’s master regulator of rest and digestion, Pulsetto delivers optimal results.

What sets Pulsetto apart

Nerve stimulation via electrical current

A scientifically proven method for efficient vagus nerve stimulation, distinct from vibration-based devices on the market.

Pulsetto device nerve simulation
Pulsetto device different programs

5 different programs

Users can choose from 5 programs to suit their needs – sleep, stress, anxiety, burnout, and inflammation.

App access

Users can adjust stimulation intensity and access educational content through the app.

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Pulsetto device

Rechargeable device

The device offers lifetime durability, setting it apart from other similar market offerings with limited lifespans that require recurring purchases.

Fast, non-invasive, and hands-free

Designed for effortless use without additional struggles.

Pulsetto device non-invasive

Pulsetto impact


Pulsetto has executed over 100k successful sessions so far, with an NPS score of 82.


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Global coverage

The application boasts an active user base exceeding 13,000, with product distribution worldwide.

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