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Healthier People.

Healthier Business.

Equip your employees with the tools they need to lead healthier and happier lives.

Boost employee focus, motivation, and happiness

1 Partner

To cover key health needs and offer multiple programs

2 Free accounts

For family members of each employee

5 Million

Happy clients globally

Support your employees whichever way they need most

Personalized care for each employee

Show your employees you care by giving them a choice. They can select from multiple wellness and health products without additional cost to your company.

Reduced costs for your business

Provide timely health care for your employees. Help your teams live a healthier life, save on medical costs, and improve work satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty.

Tailored engagement plan for your teams

Receive customized onboarding and enrollment plans with a dedicated account team for your employees. Our teams will help ensure you receive the best-in-class employee engagement numbers.


Digital healthcare has become the number #1 tool to overcome poor availability, long waiting lists, and social stigma regarding health. With digital and on-demand care, digital health is more accessible, gives employees more autonomy, and increases self-awareness (Mercer reported that 26% of employees are more likely to remain in a job that offers digital health tools)

What's in the program:
  • Personalized and science-based app solution for managing diabetes and prediabetes.
  • Program includes personalized meal plans, detailed progress tracking, intuitive data sync, comprehensive activity log, and no-equipment beginner workouts.
What's in the program:
  • Cardiovascular health app that instantly and accurately reacts to your heart condition changes, provides real-time insights, and generates doctor reports.
  • Program also includes condition tracking tools, lifestyle support, caregiver sync, and reminders.
What’s in the program:
  • Mental health app for dealing with depression, anxiety and burnout through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  • Program includes a personalized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy plan; activities focused on health, mindfulness, relaxation, physical wellness; quick relief tools for panic attacks + anxiety, and personal assessments.
What’s in the program:
  • Intermittent fasting, ketogenic and running programs to maintain a healthy weight and improve metabolic health. Developed to reduce the risk of diabetes, hypertension and improve overall health.
  • Programs include meal planners, data trackers, workouts, nutritionist support, and active support communities.

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