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Diabetes management

Manage diabetes easily with everyday-assistance Learn more

Mental health

Control stress, anxiety and more with therapeutical techniques Learn more

Cardiovascular management

Improve your cardiovascular health with AHA-based care plans Learn more


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Why Kilo Health?

We proudly stand as a leading digital health and wellness company, offering a range of over 30 global products. Our goal is to provide the best digital healthcare solutions for businesses worldwide. 

Unlock a world of exceptional features through our cutting-edge applications. From crafting personalized meal and exercise plans to offering comprehensive mental health programs and all-inclusive solutions, we guarantee smooth a journey towards improved health outcomes.

Seamlessly integrating into a daily routine, our products effortlessly connect with external devices, from BP monitors to smartwatches, enhancing health management experience.

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Choose excellence for your health journey.

Improved HbA1c levels, life-long healthy nutrition and exercise habits, and an enriched overall well-being – the outcomes Kilo Health for Business delivers.

Tackling the costliest chronic conditions with digital healthcare

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Global coverage:

+5M happy customers worldwide.

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Personalized approach:

Every solution delivers custom-crafted plans tailored to individual user’s needs.

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Evolving healthcare:

Kilo Health is an investor and creator of over 30+ global digital health products.

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Reduced costs:

Save on medical costs by providing timely healtcare, and preventing complications in the long-run.

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Tailored plan for your business needs:

Choose solutions that work best for your business from a wide variety of our products.

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