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Enhancing nutrition habits with DoFasting

DoFasting is an app designed to help people achieve lasting health benefits without the restrictive nature of typical diets. By harnessing the power of intermittent fasting and promoting sustainable nutritional habits, DoFasting guides users toward effective weight loss.

It’s an ideal choice for overweight individuals, those seeking a fasting lifestyle, individuals who’ve struggled with traditional diets, those who’ve regained weight post-dieting, and anyone looking to improve their nutritional habits.

DoFasting offers features such as calorie calculation, water intake tracking, fasting guidance, smart device integration, educational content, and exercise plans.

What sets DoFasting apart

Easy-to-use fasting tracker

Track your fasting progress and receive motivational insights in one place.

DoFasting app fasting tracker
DoFasting app no equipment workouts

No-equipment workouts

Stay active anywhere to enhance your results.

Extensive recipe database

Access over 5,000 nutritious in-app recipes.

DoFasting app recipe database
DoFasting app health tracker

All-in-one health tracker

Stay on track with water, step, and calorie tracking.

Expert-approved educational content

Enjoy daily articles and tips from experts.

DoFasting app educational content

DoFasting impact

Percentage 50

Engagement rate during the first month

The application has over 230,000 active users.

Number -0.8kg

Lost compared to inactive users

Research conducted on DoFasting revealed that engaged users achieved significant weight loss, approximately 0.8 kg more compared to inactive users, in a year.

Number -1mmhg

Decline in systolic blood pressure

DoFasting users can expect a 1 mmHg reduction in systolic blood pressure per 1 kg of weight loss.

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