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What Results You Can Expect From the Keto Cycle App

May 31

A recent study published in the BMC Nutrition, an open-access peer-reviewed journal, shows that 87.3% of the Keto Cycle app users lost some initial weight.

The researchers sought to define if the people using the app achieved statistically significant weight loss outcomes.

The story reviews the data from 10,269 people using the app between January and December 2020. It took into account the self-reported data such as the number of active days using the app, total time of use, person’s height, initial weight, and last recorded weight. 

The results from the report show that more than 8 in 10 people who used the app noticed weight loss:

  • 18.3% lost more than 10% of their initial body weight
  • 39.3% lost 5–10% of their initial weight
  • 42.3% lost less than 5% of their initial weight

Care to review the results yourself?
Read the full study here.

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