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Mental wellness

Help employees manage stress, anxiety, and burnout

The mental wellness program features Sensa.Health — a cognitive behavior therapy app for dealing with depression, anxiety, and burnout. The program offers personalized therapy plans, daily activities, and quick relief tools for anxiety and panic attacks.

Create a happier and more focused work enviroment for your employees


One of the most effective therapeutic methods

Compared to in-person therapy, online therapy solutions are 5 times more affordable

Based on clinical studies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy provides up to 90% long-term relief for users

A person is 82% likely to follow online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy vs. face-to-face treatment

A tailored program for every employee

Designed by behavioral therapists

Sensa works as a daily guide for improving mental health. The app is built on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles – including personalized therapy plans, daily activities focused on health, mindfulness, relaxation, and physical wellness.

The app also provides quick relief tools for anxiety and panic attacks, personal assessments, and tailored additional programs for burnout, ADHD, and procrastination.

Engaging and easy-to-use

The app’s simple interface is easy-to-use and engages users to check-in on their mental health every day.

Each program is created by professional behavioral therapists to ensure your employees get the best possible online therapy experience on-demand.

The mental wellness program features:
  • Personalized therapy plans
  • Daily mental health activities
  • Quick relief tools
  • Daily guidance
  • Burnout, procrastination, and ADHD programs
  • Self-assessments

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