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Diabetes management

Introduce a cost-saving model with our employee diabetes care program

Diabetes care is one of the most costly lines for employers; by changing employee behaviors toward chronic diseases and bringing better care opportunities, your company is eligible to drive off high medical costs and cut employee expenses.

The diabetes management and prevention program features Klinio — a transformative app that uses innovation and behavioral science to prevent and combat diabetes and prediabetes.

Offer a new diabetes care model for your employees

High cholesterol
Blood pressure

Klinio brings life-changing results

HbA1c improvement has also led to reduction of diabetes-related prescription medicaments

Each meal plan is engineered to fit your employee’s unique dietary needs

Through habit formation and beginner workouts, your employee energy levels can be increased

A tailored program for every employee

It starts with a habit

Klinio changes the way your employees approach food, routine, diabetic condition. The app covers all diabetes management areas — nutrition, workouts, metrics tracking, medication logging, and education.

Klino helps users take small steps towards sustainable results. No anxiety, no diabetes burnout — the only focus is on improvement.

And continues with guidance

A supportive virtual caregiver, Klinio meets your employees where they are instead of where they “should be” and helps design their path towards better health.

Klinio simplifies day-to-day diabetes management by offering meals, ensuring users stay active and on the right track in managing their condition.

The diabetes management program features
  • Personalized meal plan
  • No-equipment beginner workouts
  • Detailed progress tracker
  • Comprehensive activity log
  • Intuitive data sync
  • Educational content

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