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Cardiovascular health

Help employees manage hypertension and cholesterol

The cardio health program features Cardi.Health — a cardiovascular health app that instantly and accurately reacts to your employee’s heart condition changes, provides real-time insights and generates doctor reports.

Take care of your employees’ hearts

High cholesterol
High heart rate
Other diseases

The key to a longer and healthier life

Based on the Framingham risk score and clinical studies, digital health interventions reduce cardiovascular disease development by more than a quarter.

Based on qualitative studies, over 95% of users feel that the app improved their control over their heart health

Based on systematic study reviews and meta-analysis, mobile apps improve medication adherence up to 82%

A tailored program for every employee

Smart way to track heart conditions

Cardi.Health works as a daily tracking and management tool for cardiovascular diseases. The app allows users to track their condition by getting reminders to check vitals and medications, logging symptoms, and receiving insights with action plans to stabilize their condition.

Simple and easy-to-use

The app’s simple interface is easy-to-use and engages users to check in on their cardio health every day.

The app also offers meal and activity plans and doctor reports for user check-ups with their cardiologists.

The cardio health program features:
  • Personalized insights
  • Condition trackers
  • Daily reminders for medications
  • Insight action plans
  • Meal and activity plans
  • Reports for doctors

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