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What is Kilo Health for Business?

Here is a simple truth. Healthy employees tend to be more productive. That’s why promoting a healthy and well-rounded workplace is more important than ever for any business. Digital health tools have become the #1 way to give employees the freedom to choose how they want to stay healthy, boost their confidence and autonomy, and achieve their wellness goals.

We are Kilo Health, one of the leading companies in digital health and wellness, with 4+ million users worldwide. Kilo Health was launched in 2013 with a mission to innovate digital healthcare. Fast forward to today, Kilo Health is a leading company group of over 15 innovative digital health products, 600+ colleagues, and offices across 6 European cities.
As Kilo Health for Business, we are determined to shape the employee benefits space with an innovative suite of health apps that promote holistic well-being and a healthier work environment. With Employee Health & Wellness News, you'll learn everything there is to know about health in the workplace. We deliver the latest facts, statistics, and information in an engaging format – from videos to informative infographics and insightful reports.

Our teams work hard to make sure you can start and continue the conversation with your colleagues, business partners, friends and family, and your company about how the healthcare industry is changing and how we can adapt.

Ausrine Cebatore
CEO at Kilo Health for Business

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